Coffee Scrub | Bar Soap


Our coffee scrub bar is back with one of our favorite vanilla scented benzoin essential oils giving this exfoliating bar an almost chocolaty scent has a great gritty feel on your skin and helps remove dead skin or dirt while deodorizing. We use local coffee from our very own Mug Life Coffee shop in Midtown.

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“Coffee has proven to have wonderful effects on the skin. It contains powerful anti-oxidant agents, protecting the skin against free radicals and reducing the risk of skin cancer. Coffee tightens pores and removes dead skin cells, making the skin looking younger. It also displays anti-wrinkle properties.”

“Some people apply Benzoin directly to the skin to kill germs, reduce swelling, and stop bleeding from small cuts. It is also used topically for skin ulcers, bedsores, and cracked skin or also as a skin protectant”

***This all natural, handcrafted & cold processed soap is made in small batches using locally sourced and recycled ingredients from Nebraska farmers. In all of our soaps we use only the ingredients listed on the label and only therapeutic grade essential oils.***


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