Sam Taylor Jewlery

My jewelry is inspired by the art and application of beaded adornment as it has existed throughout history and across cultures. Beads and beaded jewelry have been used as a tool to symbolize our beliefs and to identify ourselves within our cultures. Self adornment with beads was one of mankind’s first indicators of complex thought, and served as a medium for communication before we could read and write.

Your jewelry is one of the most intimate things you own. Unlike most art mediums, you hold your jewelry in your hands and wear it close to your body. It travels with you, serving as public art and your personal expression of self individuality.

Who I am

My name is Sam, I’m  25 years old and I live in Omaha, Nebraska with my boyfriend of 9 years, Adam, and our two cats, Dorian and Dexter.  I also am the manger of our local bead shop and work for a local jeweler.


I began making jewelry when I started working at my local bead store when I was 16 years old. My curiosity and love for beadwork has grown expansively since then. I graduated with a BFA in studio art with a concentration in Sculpture at the University of Nebraska at Omaha and studied beadwork for my thesis.